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A representative of UFABET or Agent welcomes you to be part of us throughout 24 hours. Register to be an agent of UFA along with 85% of a partner, provide advice and guideline to operate as a partner of UFABET online betting website.

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As soon as you register as an agent with us, you will receive plenty of privileges like higher commission than other websites could ever provide, we offer a share of up to 85% because we are a provider of gambling services that expected to grow extremely. Besides, we offer you more bonuses such as special gifts, annual tourism vouchers, and so on.

What is the benefit of being a UFABET agent?

  • The share of income maximum to 85% since we are agent UFABET without other agencies.
  • Continually receive an income as long as you are our UFABET Agent.
  • Confident with our UFABET systems: stable, safe, accurate, and speedy proceeding.
  • We provide the highest commission plan of gambling at UFABET agent.
  • The financial system is equitable; customers receive the right rewards as soon as possible transfer.
  • UFABET is popular for customers with the biggest odds the others in the market.
  • The minimum betting is 10 baht, mix parlay starts at 2 matches with a high payment rate.
  • All products pay reservedly in UFABET.
  • Every product fills customers’ demand perfectly: football betting, sports betting, LIVE casinos, slots, fish shooting game, boxing, cockfight, etc.


  • The highest share of up to 85% because we are a UFBET agent without other agencies.
  • Frequently receive income as long as a customer hold our membership.
  • Confident our UFABET systems that contain stability, security, accuracy, and celerity to function.
  • We provide the highest commission plan of betting as UFABET agent should acquire.
  • A financial transaction is the most neutral; if your customers lose, you will receive the full income; meanwhile, if they win, we will shortly transfer a reward to you.
  • UFABET has captivated everyone with the competitive odd system.
  • The minimum betting starts from 10 baht with the second match of M=mix parlay form. The maximum betting amount can adjust the hight cost.
  • There half resist and half yield in all products of UFABET.
  • Products fill customers’ needs such as football betting, sports betting, LIVE casinos, slots, fish shooting games, boxing, and cockfight.

UFABET Agent Register Promotion

  • You are able to reservedly income with us up to 85%.
  • The commission of your customers’ betting is up to5 Tang with a sports commission 0.5%, and a commission of casino betting up to 0.7%.
  • A position of UFABET agent has the highest level as Super that gives you more growth.

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