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Baccarat, a popular game either in Thailand and abroad. UFABET has services of baccarat from many providers. It holds mobile access at any time. The pattern has two different forms: classic baccarat and LIVE baccarat to select at your convenience. Admin collects baccarat from many famous places to provide customers.

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How to play online baccarat

UFABET online baccarat gathers all successful providers with online baccarat such as SA Gaming, Sexy Baccarat, Venus Casino, and Gold Deluxe. All providers received many awards to ensure customers’ confidence in gambling with the provider. All the best things are prepared for customers for 24 hours.

The betting method has 2 sides: Banker and Player, which side catches the most score or closely to 9 points will be the winner. The rule of dealing out cards; there are 2-face-up cards for both Banker and Dealer; if those cards hold 1-5 points must draw 1 more card; if those cards contain 6-7 points than do not necessitate to have another card which same 8-9 points of the first 2 cards. In the baccarat game, a player who takes 9 scores is the winner.

Baccarat counting score

  • A equals to 1 point
  • 2-9 hold score as its number
  • 10 equals to 0 point
  • J equals to 0 point
  • Q equals to 0 point
  • K equals to 0 point

Online baccarat betting rules

  • Player is a player betting side
  • Banker is a dealer betting side
  • Tie Game is even score game on both sides
  • Player Pair is betting on the player side to get the first identical 2 cards
  • Banker Pair is betting on the dealer side to get the first identical 2 cards

Service provider playing baccarat



SA Gaming, an online casino via a mobile and computer provider. The provider that serves baccarat, slot, or tiger-dragon to get along. Sa Gaming happy to suggest players with plenty of games, also the financial system takes within 1 minute to achieve throughout 24 hours.



Sexy baccarat, a provider of a real-time baccarat service, which straight from a land-based casino. The gambling process takes briefly 20 seconds and carries the world standard security. Register to join Sexy Baccarat, directly receive bonuses.



Venus casino broadcasts from a Poi Pet casino that carries services of baccarat, tiger-dragon, sic bo, roulette, and hoo hey how. The services are accessed by mobile immediately you wish instead of visiting the location. Further, a return is the best matter that you should give a try: the highest value is 100,000 baht.



Gold Deluxe, an online casino combines with UFABET allows players to take the most advantages with various styles of betting. For example, original baccarat, bid baccarat including online roulette, and online hi-lo.

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