Sexy Baccarat, the most attractive casino for players who prefer a more exciting experience. This is the hottest website in Thailand since you will get harmonized with sexy dealers who will satisfy you with numbers of services. There are easy reaching games such as Baccarat, Fan Tan, Roulette, Tiger-Dragon, Slot, Fish Shooting, etc. that won’t be tired of it.

sexy baccarat


Sexy Baccarat, a leader of online casinos together with stunning ladies to impress you anytime and any devices either mobile or computer. Our links are the most comfortable and convenient to enter, besides it is safe and holds the most efficiency. Further, it meets the requirements of risk-takers who prefer the most exciting game. A deposit-withdraw system gives a different advance of technology that will not be convoluted anymore because we are the first investor in Thailand.


Sexy Baccarat website gains extensive profit; you will meet the most appeal ladies along with fun to thrill your feeling with less amount of betting, yet high return. We support and wait for customers, which supports Thai language on the computer, tablet, mobile: iOS, and Android. There is an admin to assist customers for 24 hours without a day-off.

Sexy Baccarat from Sexy Gaming, we provide online baccarat on real-time service straight from land-based casinos. Players have 20-30 seconds before dealing out cards. Online baccarat is an attractive game and successful for new players. The page can be accessed either iOS and Android systems. Or, another way is tablet and PC, as well.



There are 8 decks of cards (each deck has 52 cards): 416 cards will be used in the game.

  • 2-9 hold score as the card number
  • Ace equals to 1 point
  • J-Q-K-10 equal to 0 point


Playing sexy baccarat for a reward. You have to put all your concentration have good financial management. In brief, playing baccarat is a doubled edges sword that leans on players; if the gamblers play as an investor role who plans and controls the game accurately will take the most advantages from the game. Baccarat can another thing in which you can earn income from it with good management otherwise you will lose it all.



Sexy Baccarat in an insurance form gives more tactics than the classic style: the only extraordinary point is after betting the dealer will hand out 2 cards for both sides than you need the third card while your cards hold high points and the result still covers up, during the time will allow you to buy the insurance with limited time on the screen before dealing out card for another side. If there is an unexpected situation, your bet will be kept safely.

Sexy Baccarat

Example : Classic baccarat betting

  • Betting on the dealer side 5, but the card turns out the player side to win then you lost 50.
  • Betting on the player side 5, but the card turns out the player side to win then you gain 100, which is a profit is 50 baht.

Example : Insurance baccarat betting

You bet on the player side for 50 baht, in that time, the insurance will pop up on the screen for you to buy, yet you buy it with an unsure mind for more 10 baht, the total will be 60 baht of this betting; if the dealer side wins, you will lose your bet, but the insurance still remains 10 baht is 10+10 x 1.5 (the multiply rate will be compared in the table again).

Payout table

Insurance typesQuantity of player’s cardsQuantity of dealer’s cardsPlayer’s scoreDealer’s scoreLose or win insurancePayout rates
Dealer insurance220~34Player wins1:1.5
0~45Player wins1:2
0~56Player wins1:3
0~57Player wins1:4
12~6Player wins1:7
23~6Player wins1:4
34Player wins1:2
45Player wins1:2
Player insurance2254Dealer wins1:2
60~5Dealer wins1:3
70~5Dealer wins1:4
3240~3Dealer wins1:1.5
50~4Dealer wins1:2
60~5Dealer wins1:3
70~6Dealer wins1:4
80~6Dealer wins1:8

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