American Football Betting

UFABET American football betting, a betting website number 1 in Thailand that has been improving and satisfy all customers’ requirements. The system offers Thai language to be more convenient to use via mobile and a device that can connect to the Internet. Besides, there is an American football game provided for fans to appreciate online betting for 24 hours

Online American football betting, another online betting type called American Football, which is very popular in a present-day. At this time, check the match result and the price is official and safe, thus it affects the popularity betting, and it is suitable to risk-takers who are professional gambling in American football. The betting is simple as long as you read the betting regulation of the American football betting information also to prevent problems in the future. Staff would like to make a notice that we will rely on the actual results and the results announced on the website of UFABET only and consider that the decision of the team is final.

How to bet on UFABET American Football

American Football Betting

Counting score of American Football

  • Touchdown : receive 6 points, touchdown occurs when one of the players holding the ball and runs to the end zone of the opposite side or a player catch the throwing ball while staying in the opposite side’s end zone. Besides, it includes that the attack-side players catch the punt or the field goal or block the ball in the end zone of the defensive side.
  • Conversion : scoring after touchdown, the attacking team may decide to make a field goal then will get 1 extra point by laying the ball down at 15-yard-line or the team request to play again to get through the end zone along holding the ball or throwing the ball into the end zone then will get 2 points conversion with laying the ball at 2-yard-line.
  • Field Goal : 3 points by kicking the ball over a pole called a crossbar, a teammate will place the ball on the field, which is the new place must distant from the last place 8 yards.
  • Safety : 2 points, the defensive team will get the safety point is the attacking team take the ball out of the field in the end zone or the holding ball player tackled in the end zone.

Betting Topics

  • HDP & Over/Under
  • Mix Parley or American Football mix parley betting
  • Betting the winner of a competition

Betting Forms

  • ML (Money Line) : a member betting on the American football team which team will be the winner of that match, the member contemplates a team that his/her would like to place a bet, view players’ statistics and few more information. Only these simple ways the member can bet on Money Line style.
  • FT.HDP : a member will see the HDP or the specific advantageous score; the red team is advantageous, and the black team is disadvantageous. The member can bet on the winning side and maybe more information to consider the betting because maybe there is a secondary handicap happened in the game, but it is not difficult.
  • FT.O/ U : a member betting score of American football from both teams after the match whether a higher or lower score than the specific score, higher equals over, and lower equals under.
  • FT.O/ E : a member betting score from both teams after the match whether odd or even; only the member perceives the scores of each team then available to place the bet accurately.
  • 1H : a member betting on which team will be the winner in the first-half time, total score whether over/ under or odd/ even as well as betting in full time.

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