Hockey Bitting

UFABET ice hockey betting, after perceiving basic the ice hockey play regulation, the ice hockey score counting resembles American football that easy to understand. Speed up to have fun with the online ice hockey betting, we would like to present the UFABET website for you since the page is easy to play.

Online UFABET online ice hockey betting methods available to bet only full-time betting, and it is not allowed to bet in a period of time, it is unable to bet in time.

How to bet on UFABET hockey

Hockey Bitting


  • HDP & Over/ Under: betting on the result of losing or winning, a total score over/ under, or odd/ even
  • Mix Parley: betting on the result of losing or winning with multiple matches in the same bill called ice hockey mix parley betting
  • Predict the winner: betting on the first winner in that bill

Betting Forms

  • ML: a member betting which team will be the winner between two teams in that match without HDP except for the different odd. For inexperienced members with the UFABET online ice hockey betting can take this opportunity to try because only 10 baht can start the bet.
  • FT.HDP: a member betting which team will be the winner of the chosen team that competition with provided HDP rate: the red team is an advantageous team while the black team is a disadvantageous team, the HDP rate is considered as the HDP.
  • FT. HDP: a member betting a total goal score of both teams to see your selected team that the total score over or under the fixed score of the website.
  • FT.O/ E: a member betting on the result of the total goal of both teams that the score will be odd or even.

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