SV388 Online Cockfight Betting

If it is about a cockfight game in our home then the example must be The reign of King Naresuan that makes the story of the game a colloquial and enhance this sport in the favorite of those who prefer it including using the stroke to overcome or bet by exchanging hometown. Till today, UFABET would like to present the betting sport, online cockfight betting for players to trigger the feelings and enjoy the Live together; moreover, you will receive money assuredly.

SV388 Online Cockfight Betting

Benefits of SV388 online cockfight betting

SV399 online cockfight holds information, history, and review from well-known experts of our website which assists players in the investment and assured with reimbursement that you can’t deny. We also give a deposit-withdraw system of cockfight throughout 24 hours.

Place your bet with us, online cockfight betting gives a new betting style via the website and every smartphone at any time without interruption. We afford online cockfight betting to be easy to play and catch the steps for fans of Thai and abroad cockfights. Besides, we have an online football, lottery, sports, slot, boxing, Live basketball, casino, and baccarat betting along with the modern of website and security; the services are direct from the website without agents, and the deposit-withdraw system as fast as you wish out deception and 100% no fraud, as well

How to bet with SV388 online cockfight


Step 1

Enter the UFABET website then select CockFT menu according to the picture


step 2

Fill in the amount of money then press the START button


Step 3

After access the page, select betting on boxing betting directly.


  1. There are 5 rounds of competition: 10 minutes per round and 2 minutes for the fighter to rest.
  2. Unable to plaster a wound during the game
  3. One chicken can turn around to give a side of giving up 3 times including laying down, crouching, or having a serious injury that cannot continue the game considered to lose.
  4. The cost will be considered by UFABET only.

How to bet UFABET Cockfight

  • Bet on the red side to win (Meron)
  • Bet on the blue side to win (WALA)
  • Bet on tie game (BDD)

Online cockfight odds

  • Handicap (+) is an advantage side will deduct the according to odd, if lose it will deduct all of the bet.
  • handicap (-) is a disadvantage side will not deduct any odds if it wins, but if it loses will be deducted to the set odd.
  • Bet on tie, the payment will be 1:8 without deduction if the score is even.

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