VENUS CASINO, an online casino in a Live form which associates with UFABET SPORTS along with real-time betting and table games system: multiple games to enjoy whether the popular games such as baccarat, dragon-tiger, sic bo, hoo hey how, and roulette. All these familiar and favorite games are provided for you both the great betting and developed company; furthermore, players are available to access the page via mobile in any system which that affects to grow the online casino rapidly.



Venus Casino & Game Hall is the online casino that broadcasts directly from Poi Pet casino for players who have been playing baccarat, dragon-tiger, sic bo, and roulette; moreover, players who would like to relish with this entertainment at home, there is an online casino and venus casino which receive the same payout as Poi Pet casino, and only 20 baht can start to bet while the maximum bet is 100,000 baht.

Venus casino baccarat
venus casino


Venus Casino, online baccarat offers 5 tables to start the game, it is separated into Speed Baccarat 1 table. The speed baccarat table is broadcasted straight via mobile as fun as general Live baccarat; the betting rates of each table gives the best price. Novices are allowed to bet with 20 baht, and the maximum betting is 100,000 baht/round, the special gift is UFABET proffers large commission up to 0.7%.

speed baccarat venus casino


Speed Baccarat Venus Casino allows players to bet as fast as possible by the standard broadcasting Game Hall: smooth without interruption function on every platform including PC, mobile, and tablet. Speed Betting Venus Gaming before an end of the betting Speed 17 seconds, whether a player place 100,000 baht/round, be sure to play with UFABET without any agents. Venus Casino holds great commission up to 0.7%, so register with us today.

tiger dragon


Tiger-Dragon Venus Casino originates from Cambodia and broadcasted from Poi Pet casinos, which is popular all around Asia. Game Hall guarantees excitement and entertainment from a battle of player and dealer with one card, and the winner will be the person who holds the highest king-score card. The game triggers a feeling of betting; the payout rate of the Dragon side is 1:1; the tiger side is 1:1; the tie game is 1:8. The game is straightforward to understand. Register with UFABET to receive the commission of 0.7%.

hilo venus casino
hilo venus casino


Sic bo Venus Casino, have fun with online sic bo, challenge your luck with tossing dice on mobile at any time with Game Hall, well-known casino for Thai people. The game is quite easy to follow: over/ under betting, odd/ even betting. The betting principle relates to dice shaking statistics in detail: start to bet with Venus online sic bo up to 100,000 baht with 0.7% commission only here.

Roulette venus casino


Roulette Venus Casino is simple to follow: only betting on red, black, over, under, odd, even, or deeper in 10 kinds betting of roulette accompany with a handbook of play regulation. Astonishing with a 32-number-camera view that broadcasts direct from Poi Pet casino throughout 24 hours. Betting roulette started only 10 baht via mobile Venus Casino and the maximum is 100,000 baht simultaneously recorded reports, statistics, history, play information sight friendly. Join UFABET, receive 0.7% commission.

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