Muay Step Thai Cockfight Betting

Thai cockfight is a folk sport that has been playing for a long time. It is popular from the king, slaves to general people. This sport requires two male cocks to beat until one side wins; this is considered to be a sport. Later, the sport has increased its popularity until it has rules and a set time. Before, they used half of a coconut shell to drill a hole and put on the water surface. When the shell drowns means the time finishes.

Muay Step Thai Cockfight Betting

How to bet online Thai cockfight

Thai cockfight

Online Thai cockfight, today, the game is available through an online form via a mobile. This convenience gives you more time to enjoy the game without visiting the location. UFABET has a service of an online cockfight. Players can reach the service by clicking on the menu then select Muay Step. You transfer money into your account for matching and start the game. You also check the history of the game, schedules, rules, terms, and conditions at the Rules of cockfight menu.

Thai cockfight


  1. The outcome of a cockfight match will have a win, lose, and tie game.
  2. After matching cocks, the bet is allowed to bet and will gradually close.
  3. The game starts at 20 Tang.
  4. If the allowed game changes the date and place to fight, the website will cancel all that tickets.
  5. The betting is available on Monday – Friday, except for Buddhist Holy Days and IPM (orange satellite)does not have a broadcast.
  6. If a metal water dipper is yet to drown with a running cock or its spur breaks, the website will cancel the match. If the water dipper sinks along with a situation of a cock running away, breaking spur, etc. is considered to be tie game.
  7. Even though the game is broadcasted or not, it will not affect the outcome.
  8. In case, it is a bit different pronunciation name that will not change the result.
  9. The name of any side or both unmatched then the game will be deleted.
  10. If there anything goes wrong, please contact customer service immediately within 24 hours. If it’s over 24 hrs. then it will be hard to solve and catch the matter.
  11. If the price is strange or different from a market of about 20%, that ticket will be removed.
  12. A customer should confirm the accuracy in each time; once something unusual, directly reach customer service within 24 hours.
  13. The website holds the final decision.
  14. Players can play the step up to 10,000 baht/ 1 user. If you infringe on the rule to use different users but the same person, we would like to reserve the right to cancel it.
  15. Rules for betting both full-half matches of the cockfight
    • If the game is complete as an agreement, it is a perfect game.
    • A case of cheating as giving poison, which is out an agreement considered to cancel not wasted.

Cockfight Rates

Cockfight rates, rules, or common rates are easy to understand. There is the previous bet that be higher or lower, price ber round that you can bet on the step or all betting via LIVE.


Red: 0.86 / Blue: -0.95 / BBD (Tie): 1 per 8

  • Bet on red for 100 baht, if win gets 86 baht while losing is 100 baht.
  • Bet on blue for 100 baht, if win gets 100 baht while losing is 95 baht.
  • Bet on tie for 100 baht, if it ties get 800 baht.

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